The bay

The bay

Bintiesque x Lehautestyle

                                                     Bintiesque x Lehautestyle

Chicken and avocado salad,thats what I decided to go for in spite of JT telling me she had the best pasta ever there.It was a meal between lunch and dinner or lets say early dinner which called for something light.I have always wanted to go to the Bay after admiring it for a while on instagram (@thebayrestaurant40) .When me and Jackie of were planning to meet over a meal she suggested we go there,and it was first time for me.

The bay is a boutique bed and breakfast that makes an ideal spot for those travelling to and diners in Dar es salaam. Located in a nice neighbourhood in the bay area very close to the indian ocean and a few kms from  the city centre.

I love going to restaurants that have a tranquil feel that calls for a relaxed dinning.We got to speak to the executive chef,Chef Marc who gave us a very warm welcome.Freshly tasting salad and mixed fruit juice was it for me.As we waited for our food to arrive we took time to go around admiring the decor then outside to the  beautiful garden and surroundings .Not so long until our food arrived and just from the look of it I could tell I was about to have really fresh salad.

One thing I loved about the service was how the waiter spoke things in clear details whenever we had something to ask and was readily available at our service.Left feeling very satisfied and already planning to go back soon.The food, service, ambiance no better place I could be that evening.

Recommending the bay for anyone looking to have brunch (don’t forget to invite me 😛 ) or any other meal of the day. You can also check out their instagram page @thebayrestaurant40 for updates.

Restaurant details:

Plot no. 40, Msasani Road,
Oysterbay, Dar es salaam, 
+255 783 539 090



Lehautestyle x Bintiesque

Chicken and avocado salad

Wall art

The bay - restaurant decor

Wall art


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