Travel diaries: Around Seoul (South Korea)

Travel diaries: Around Seoul (South Korea)

I am always saying “I fell in love with this place” let’s paste that on this post too.Seoul is a beautiful city,so clean, developed and the people are very fashion forward.The city is filled with beautiful gardens and locations.I happened to be there at the best time of the year during spring except for the 18 degrees C days (Its me,your girl from a tropical country).It was the best weather to walk around though.

Most pictures of me were taken by complete strangers as I prayed they don’t run away with the camera.So I didn’t really have the freedom to keep asking for a hundred more pictures to get the perfect shot.My photographer friends,you are allowed to shake your head as you look through hahaha.












Breakfast diaries:










A weekend at the mall:
















Wait for it:

Spot the Tanzanian flag?Don’t really know what it say but the feeling of spotting your country’s flag thousand miles away 🙂





Inflight skincare essentials.

Inflight skincare essentials.

Flying between Dar es salaam and Seoul and spending not less than four hours on transit,there was no way I would neglect my skin.The air condition in the plane dries up the skin badly so it is important to do a good skincare routine on board a long flight.If you really love your skin make up is not something you should have on an entire 9 hour flight.I thought I should share with you guys my inflight skincare essentials since its almost summer and most people will be travelling across continents to beautiful beach destinations.

Once I am settled in the plane I wipe make up off using make up remover wipes, then use a cleanser to cleanse off the remaining and clean my  face with a face wash.

And then I put on  moisturiser and lip balm to protect my skin and lips from drying.You can opt for a a face mask but  I like to do that once I arrive at my destination because I like to keep my routine as simple as possible during a flight.I have oily skin so I do not use the same moisturiser for my face and body so I put on extra body oil on all my exposed parts also.

When my face feels dry anytime during the flight I use a face mist to keep it hydrated and moisturised.The mist also makes me feel fresh and awake when I wake up from my 3 hour sleep and getting closer to my destination I just spray it on.

I put on minimal make up when close to landing but not always because at times I tend to feel more refreshed simply with the face mist and lip balm on.

You know about that 100ml liquid quantity rule on flights?that is why I take away hotel toiletries.They come in small bottles that I can easily use those to put in the skin care products I will need the next time I am flying (consider this when flying low cost airlines too and do not want to check in a bag that will be charged some ridiculous amount of dollars).


Product details:

Make up removers by Farmasi (I got these for 3,500 tshs/1.6$) not the best but they get the job done.

Cleanser: Garner oil control complete

Body oil: bio oil

Face mist : The faceshop organ oil in water

moisturiser: Clean face mild lotion by the Faceshop

Lipbalm: Innaya Zanzibar

cotton pads: Hotel vanity kit

Packaging: face mist bottle and moisturiser container by The Faceshop

The two similar bottles that read body lotion by Charlotte Rys Cape town are the hotel toiletry package I am talking about.






See these pictures? just incase I will be talking about my Dubai dreams to you next time,you will understand.




When are you travelling next and where to?I would love to hear,please share with us on the comment section below.

Travel diaries: Seoul tower (South Korea)

Travel diaries: Seoul tower (South Korea)

From a distance,I didn’t think the N Seoul tower would breathtakingly amaze me like it did.At 243m (797ft) it is the highest point of Seoul (FYI,the Eiffel tower is 324m (1,063 ft) ).

Getting there,one has to take a taxi or a shuttle bus to the Namsam cable car station and take the cable car to the tower.On getting off the cable car there are a lot of steps leading up.Then there are is an open area where people sit around (there are restaurants also). To get to the main tower you pay some amount of Korean Won to go up the elevator to the highest point.

First time experience on a cable car,where did my fear of heights go?Surprisingly I had been smiling through out the tour and wished I stayed up there longer.There were a number of tourists and even more locals mostly couples.It all made sense later when I came across the padlocks where love birds locked up their love together somewhere along the stairs.

I got to see central Seoul through a telescope,such a  beautiful view.Being a tourist destination they also sell a lot of souvenirs or you could even send a postcard from the highest point of Seoul,how cool.

This is basically the highlight of my trip.I left a happy child. 🙂

“Of all the books in the world,the best stories are found in the pages of a passport” – Anonymous

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See the tower from a distance,




Travel diaries: Tunduru

Travel diaries: Tunduru

I just came back from home,Tunduru.My late Dad (Rest in peace my Angel) made an effort to take us there whenever we had holidays together.The best news about my school breaks was hearing that we were going to Tunduru.

My siblings, cousins and I have made so many memories there.We have gone  swimming and fishing in the rivers using a khanga as my Mom taught us,set bird traps with Dad,took road trips around the district and many other things.

For me this was just another trip home although it has been a while since I last went.I had a lovely time visiting and being visited by relatives who came with kuku,fresh picked corn, and many other things. Just like the Chinese, food plays part in our hospitable culture.  🙂


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Packed light because it was a less than a week stay.I wanted to re – read this book during the 12 hours ride but I kept talking to my sister and cousin all the way but I still plan to re – read it and probably share it on here.


Made a stop to admire this view on our way back from Ligoma where our village home is at.


Tunduru is not on the coast but the culture resembles that in coastal regions of Tanzania. I guess it is from the long distance trade effect.



Talking to one of my Aunties in Ligoma.




Came off a boda boda to cross this river going to visit a relative.

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This is a main road in Tunduru,it is only now that we are getting tarmac roads – costruction is still going on.

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One of the houses in Ligoma.Like in many villages,its pretty common for households to have small farms around the house growing food for family consumption.

Even though this was just another trip home,I have learned a few new things and seen things on a new perspective. Please share with us where you are off to next on the comment section 🙂 .Trust me,routine is lethal!

Have a lovely day, xoxo!