Binti spills :What’s in my bag.

Binti spills :What’s in my bag.

Happy new month beautful people,

May is here,lets just declare this the magical month and cook up some magic. I’ve also decided to spill whats in my hand bag for you and honestly what I always forget to carry with me.

The three most important things in my handbag I always make sure are with me when walking out are keys,wallet and my mobile phone.For some reason I feel safe for sure knowing that I have those with me,and the rest I just feel somehow incomplete without them.


Here we go.

  • A Book – I always find free time either in a bajaj ride or on a waiting line so I reach for my book and proceed reading.
  • Planner or note book – my head never runs out of ideas and I like to note them down the moment they pop in.
  • Wallet – cleary I do not want to starve during lunch break or have a blank stare when asked for my ID.
  • Tablet – for work, it doesnt feel like work when I type work documents on my mobile phone.
  • Sun glasses – sunny Dar,these are a must haves.
  • Mobile phone – does this need an explanation?
  • Make up kit – Carry around my make up and skin care essentials for the day.


  • Pencil case/pouch – for the things that beautify my planner – pens,highlighters, and other tiny things like flash disk when needed.
  • Mobile Wi-Fi – a girl gotta stay connected.
  • The rest are self explanatory : wet wipes, hand sanitiser, keys, chewing gum,charger, earphones, powerbank.

Honestly I am not the most organised person ( noticed my earphones not neatly wrapped, this is a struggle for us all.I’m I lying?) so I also forget some of the most important things everytime.


Things I forget: My dear sister cries about me not carrying a khanga or any sort of wrap in my hand bag and trust me it is a costant struggle to remember.I forget sanitary pads too,what kind of a lady am I?trusting on the calender and stuff.Even a bar to snack on while I am the type of person who eats and feels hungry after every 2 hours (no I’m not kidding) and hand lotion.

So what is in your’s? share with us on the comment section below and tell us the three most important things you always carry with you.






I have a thing for note books, diaries, planners and anything cute I can scribble on.

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I have a pile of note books, diaries and planners from 2011 (I got rid of those diaries from form one that I used to write about the crush I had on so and so) and I feel happy going through them and seeing how far I have come and how miraculous things have come my way.

Though I’d share with you how I use my note books to stay organized.


  1. Reminders

Not daily reminders but yes you can use your note book to write daily reminders and to – do lists. When I write down my plans both long term and short term whenever I revisit them I track my progress or get my self to actually do what I planned to do. I also scribble ideas that come in my mind now and then just so I can go back to them and find out more information and do more research later on.

I write down things like grocery lists, and anything I need to buy just to remind my self because most of the time I overlook at things and forget.


  1. Making Lists (To – buy list)

Three years ago I learned to list down things that I need or want to buy to stop my self from buying things I don’t need. I don’t know why it was not so hard for me (maybe because I don’t have enough money to buy all the wants anyways,haha). I buy things out of my list once in a while and it doesn’t feel so bad because I don’t always do it but making lists guides me and it also feels matured ticking things out of the list 😛 . The point is note books give you space to make different lists and it is not a problem if you do it on the notes on your mobile phone because you still made a list and you are organized. Let’s make these lists until we don’t have to look at price tags when shopping then we can be less strict with ourselves.


  1. Budgeting

Eeerm, budgeting, yes budgeting. I know the struggle when it comes to this. I have tried with the apps and spread sheets and they simply did not work for me. I am a pen and paper kinda person so I write my budget down somewhere on my diary/planner or notebook. Lets not talk about following the planned budget * koh koh * that’s a different story but yes I do have one because the way growing up and responsibilities are set up noma!

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  1. #Goals

I write down all my goals both long term and short term. It’s such an accomplishment going back to read plans that I had in 2014 and how they came to life, Mungu anatenda but then you have to have a dream and act towards it. I believe the universe has a way of bringing things you dream about and that’s why we are often advice to think good and speak greatness to our selves.

Its really important to note down your goals because its like you are writing them down in your mind but also going back to them and see how far you have come brings a sense of accomplishment which does not only increase our gratitude and happiness but also makes us want to do more.

Grab your self a note book, planner or diary now and thank me later , if you are not a pen and paper kind of person like I am use your mobile phone, tablet, or laptop.

The Esque

The Esque

Hello there, the day I have been looking forward to is finally here.

I welcome you to join me in this interesting journey I am taking.Can’t wait to look back at this day with my readers and smile about it.

There is so much to look forward to – growth.

I hope you enjoy your stay on here. Please tell a friend to tell a friend to tell their friend about this new joint where we will talk about all things travel, food, books and lifestyle. Karibu 🙂