Happy holidays!

Happy holidays!



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Its that festive season again. Many are on holiday and doing a number of activities. I just wanna wish you all “happy holidays!” whether you are spending it with family, away at beautiful holiday destinations, home alone or working, remember to:

1.Spend wisely, January is coming.

2. Do not drink and drive. Look after your self and the other road users.

3.Be someone’s Santa, share with the needy.

4.Relax, because it is about to get hectic again.

5. Make it cheat month with all the meals.

6.Finalise your new year resolutions, set and review your goals.

7.Count your blessings and express what you are grateful the most for in 2015.

8.Fasten your seat belt, ALWAYS!

9.Spread positive energy, people who surround you pick on the vibe.

10.Dance, if not do something that makes you genuinely happy.


Happy holidays! stay safe.xx

The Esque

The Esque

Hello there, the day I have been looking forward to is finally here.

I welcome you to join me in this interesting journey I am taking.Can’t wait to look back at this day with my readers and smile about it.

There is so much to look forward to – growth.

I hope you enjoy your stay on here. Please tell a friend to tell a friend to tell their friend about this new joint where we will talk about all things travel, food, books and lifestyle. Karibu 🙂