Current favourites (June) & Giveaway

Current favourites (June) & Giveaway

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Its July already and I’m now sharing my current favourites for June because I wanted to do it differently this time. I have been wanting to do a give away for quite sometime but I wasn’t sure what to give you guys. No material thing carries the worth of connections,friendships and love I have been getting from you guys, so I have decided to collect some of my favourites things for a give away.

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Sunday brunch.

Sunday brunch.

Sunday Brunch

Photography by Jerryson Moses Onasaa

Location : News cafe Dar es salaam.

I am starting to take this brunch on Sundays thing a lot more seriously. There is something about Sunday meals together,so calm. Last Sunday I had a great time meeting George of to discuss a number things. Luckily we were both down for the idea of meeting over brunch. Being the foodie I am this came as an opportunity to try out a place I was planning to have my next weekend brunch at,News Cafe – think an extensive drinks menu,salads e.t.c.

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Current favourites (May)

Current favourites (May)

If we are gonna meet or bump into each other anytime soon be ready to spot this handbag I got from Max (Msasani mall,Dar es salaam) for 40,000 tshs (18$) ,the Nike shoes or  grey pants – you’ve probably seen them already on one of my instagram photos.I am not a fashionista or anything close to that so I like to go for basic outfits and those are my current favourites at the moment.

I have also changed my skin care routine,it now includes the mild lotion from The faceshop that I am really loving because of what it as done to my skin (doing an updated skincare routine post soon).The hydrating mask of course because of how it leaves my skin hydrated and moisturised. Then there is that Mac Retro matte liquid lip colour,hands down for this one its has become my uniform too and I just can’t put it to rest.

Fragrances,I have a funny habit of not finishing bottles of perfume because I start to dislike the smell towards the end so I begin to use another one then again towards the end I go back and finish the previous one or just use a different one on different days depending on my mood.I am currently loving Versace’s versense and oh my,I literally hold my clothes and smell them all the time.

Lastly,I shared what I am currently reading on this post but then I am also obsessed with this books about branding.It talks about all world top brands including people brands like Oprah and the ‘ain’t your mama singer JLo.Their uniqueness each,and how they have made it to world top brands, so interesting.I have a tiny schedule book  too to write in my to do list and atleast I have been really doing it now for a while.

What are your current favourites?If you will be posting them on instagram please tag me @bintiesque I would love to see or share with us on the comment section below 🙂


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Woodberry café

Woodberry café

Weekends are such a good time to go out brunching.Turning off your alarm clock?why not,woodberry café has got you for your late morning grab. With a lot of varieties on their menu,select some mouthwatering breakfast treats while you wait for the rest that are available from noon.I once ordered an avocado toast that came with a fruit salad from them through Hello food  as usual so when me and my sister did not know where exactly we wanted to go on a Saturday morning thoughts of the avocado toast kicked in and there was the answer.

With a great ambiance,there were a number of families and a group of friends that morning for breakfast.Also surrounded with a beautiful garden and friendly staff the place gives you a homely relaxed feel.So if you are not feeling the kitchen just head over sit down,relax have your meal and a cooler like the lemonade and mint one I had – yum!

If I were to describe the place with one word it’d be – HEALTHY!Here I am suggesting you try the steak & cheese panini with one of their fruity smoothies if you will be visiting them soon.Woodberry café is situated in Oysterbay along Haile Selasie road just opposite colloseum hotel.

I am also looking forward to sharing a few recipes I have learn’t on here soon.I’m not gonna brag and say I am the best cook but I surely get a few dishes right. Is there anyone (in Dar es salaam) on really good terms with the kitchen and is looking to share her art and skills? drop me an email on . Hope to catch up with you guys on my next post.Until then xoxo!

I’m still learning to operate the camera but I managed to get some good shots,enjoy!