5 lifestyle apps you need.

5 lifestyle apps you need.

I recently came across an app that helps you split a bill amongst a group and it got me agreeing that there is an apps for almost everything these days. Can you quickly tell how many are on your phone without counting? Mobile apps have become really useful to a point one can feel inadequate without them. I have so many too on my phone but here are some I use the most or find more useful after the everyday social apps:


1. Period Tracker: PMS & Ovulation calendar.

For the ladies. I have used this app for the past 10 months. It gives you menstruation cycle detail alerts and notifications. You get notified when your periods are near by the exact number of days, when ovulation starts, when periods is delayed, if you have a high, medium or low chance of pregnancy and more. All you have to do is enter the details when your periods begins, ends, how you are feeling etc. If you can’t keep track of your cycle this is a very simple way to do it and know what exactly is going on.



2. Money ++

Enter your daily expenses, income, accounts and it calculates everything for you. You have the option to categorize your expenses and the statistics shows where you spend your money the most, your general expenses, income, and your balance.

If you want to be more money conscious then this app is for you.

PS: Also here is my go to blog on personal finances. Simply written and mostly relatable Refined Currency – The new age of Women & Money.

3. Kindle

I used to prefer reading hard copy books, I still do but based on how hard it is to get the latest books in stores in Dar es salaam Kindle has been my go to.  Its fast, reliable and the scrolling can lead you to finishing a book in one night.  The fact that I have my kindle library on my phone and can pick whichever book I want to read whenever and wherever is a plus.


work desk



Every blogger & photographer’s holy grail. A photo editing app that comes with a number of filters & functions that allows you to change the mood of your picture depending on how you want it to look or feel. Also helps you attain the themed instagram feed goals.

You get? or should I add the word aesthetics somewhere?

Other photo editing apps: snapseed, lightroom.


A few more:

Headspace for meditation.

Booking.com Hotel booking at discounted prices ( not always ).

Airbnb for apartment lusting, travel goals and real travel accomodation bookings.

lifestyle apps you need.

Note: All the listed apps are available both on iPhones and android phones except for Money++ that is not available on android but you can instead get Monefy which has similar functions.

That’s it for today guys. any other apps we can add to the list? Please leave them on the comment section below.


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Current Favorites.

Current Favorites.

Current favorites

It’s back! Been a while since I last did one of these posts where I share with you guys what I am currently using, doing, watching, reading and loving. I think these and the Haul posts are a great way for us to catch up apart from on the socials. BTW I have been really loving snapchat lately, if you are on there add me @Bintiesque, thanks :).

So here are some of my current favourites:

Current favorites blog post

Bvlgari Mon Jasmin Noir perfume:

I don’t remember ever using the same perfume twice apart from this one. This has always been my favorite and it is what I am currently using. As a child I used to love how older women would wear their perfumes and in my mind the scents signified womanhood and that’s exactly how this perfume makes me feel, like the boss lady I dream to be.

Clean & Clear Morning energy skin brightening facial scrub:

I used to be very skeptical about products that say “skin brightening” after a small research and reading a whole book on skin care I learned that it doesn’t mean the same as lightening. Also in other countries  lightening is used in place of brightening but best do your research sis.

This is simply an exfoliator with brightening properties I have been using and liking. I love how it leaves the skin feeling fresh. I know some people discourage the use of  daily scrubs (do you guys know why?). I think daily scrubs are gentle enough to be labeled daily and thats just how often I use this one.


Current favorites blog post

The body shop Tea tree Skin clearing clay mask:

While I am always struggling with my oily skin, this face mask has been my go to. I have been using it for a month and I am loving it. I did a more detailed post on the body shop tea tree products I am using HERE.

 Current favorites blog post

Dove hair therapy Volume boost conditioner:

Because on top of my growing (read stagnant) fro, I always have wigs and weaves on and hair care for me has to be for both. Caring for a human hair weaves and wig makes it last longer. I have been using this conditioner on the wigs and weaves it’s really good and smells good too.

current favorites blog post


Aspect Rose gold watch:

I got this one as a present. Maybe the person knew how much I needed a watch, a rose gold one to be specific. It one of the very few accessories I have and wear.


What are you guys currently using and favoriting? Let’s chat on the comment section below. 🙂

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Have lovely day.xx


Beach day essentials.

Beach day essentials.

I spent this past weekend at Sunrise beach resort in Kigamboni. This was my third time  staying there and it is the ideal getaway spot from the busy city life of Dar. I will share more on my stay with all the details on the next blog post but for today here are some of my beach day essentials.

I said Beach but here is a beautiful picture of me by the pool at the resort shot by Jackie of lehautestyle.com

         Things you need to consider before planning for a day at the beach:

1. Check the weather

It had been raining in Dar the past week and I had to check the weather forecast before planning for a weekend at the beach. You don’t want to be stuck at the beach  while it pours.

2. Check the tide

Whichever activity you plan for weather it’s  just a swim, some water sports, etc you definitely need to check the tide table so you know what time the water comes in and you are able to do it.

sunscreen beach essentials

My essentials:

1. Sunscreen

The other day it was 32℃ and I though it got to be more than the usual 32°C it normally goes up to in Dar. Under all that sun you definitely need to protect your skin from the UV rays. Best if you can get a water proof one or remember to re apply.

2. Cover up

I use my mom’s old khangas as beach wraps. Not only are wraps necessary but they also look good on you. 😉

3. Swimsuit

One, two or ten I carried three. Even if I didn’t love the water I’d still hang by the beach in a swimsuit.

4. A pair of sunglasses

5. flipflops

6. Face mist

And here are some of the necessities I had forgotten to carry with me:

7. Beach bag

8. A wide hat

What are some of your beach day essentials? Please share yours on the comment section below. I might just up my beach day game. 😜



Haul flatlays

I haven’t been doing haul posts because I used to think “whats the point? “. I am all about adding value with my content so sometimes I overthink on what goes and what doesn’t go on here then I remind my self my goal – to simply connect with you guys. I think doing these kind of posts is not just about showing what one has bought but another way to connect and share useful information like what is nice what is not, where one can get it, prices e.t.c with each other.

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