6 Beauty products under 10,000tshs (5$)

6 Beauty products under 10,000tshs (5$)

Hi guys, I am back with another skin care and beauty post and trust me more are coming.

I have decided to focus on beauty and skin care more because it is something I have developed so much interest in and I though why not share that with you guys?So here we are and to more beauty posts.

I have compiled beauty products under 10,000tshs (5$ Approximately) and their benefits.Enjoy!


1.Rose water – real value

First of all thanks to miss @soafricane of soafricane.com for sharing more uses of rose water (check out the hair and beauty category on her blog).

I have used rose water in the past to make a facial paste of sandal wood and turmeric powder but I did not know it mainly worked as a toner .

For 2,500/= Rose water will give you numerous benefit from numerous uses on the skin but one it works as a very good toner.I have been using it for atleast two weeks now and I have been seeing the results.Toning is really important when taking care of your skin and if you can not afford the big names.Here is one that is cheap and very skin friendly.

2.Coconut oil – Minara.

We know that saying that goes “coconut water fixes everything”?(I laughed so hard at the joke that suggested you sprinkle it on your bank account).Yes here is coconut oil for 1,500/= .The thing I do not like about it is the funny strong smell.I love the smell of coconut oil but I just don’t know what happened to this one.But that is not a problem because you can mix it with another oil or body lotion to neutralize the smell.Also you can make your own coconut oil at home and if you live on the coast like me coconuts are easily accessible. Coconut oil is a good organic moisturizer for the skin.Also research suggests that it increases hydration and reduces water loss for dry skin.

3.Pure Deodorant -Dove

I got this deodorant for around 9,000/= it is antiperspirant,does not make you feel dry but it feels like a thin paste has been placed on your skin. so if you prefer fresh dryness you might consider other brands of deodorant such as nivea which also do not cost anything beyond 10,000/=. But reading through the ingredients in different products it just scares me and makes me wish I did everything organically at home.I would like to try a DIY for a deodorant and see how that works.

4.Make up removal wipes – Depend

Make up wipes are a must they ease the whole process of removing make up from your skin and  also you will not like foundation clogging up your pores if not well removed.Make up wipes are one of the products you need for removing your make up. These ones costed me 8,000/= and I got them from Atsoko slipway branch.


5. Liquid eye liner – Miss rose

I bought this one from a street hawker when I was at the saloon.Those guys always have something you will want to buy or will just make you buy something,thats for me. I bought this one for 5,000/=.I don’t think it is 24 hours and water proof as it says but it has lasted me up to 8 good hours average.I am sure you can find this on one of the beauty stores around.

6. Baby Lips – Maybelline

I put on lip balm overnight before bed and during the day and I though why not try this one out and so I bought this for 7,000/= from Atsoko slipway also.It feels good when applied and give a good shine and adds a little color to the lips but you might need to re – apply it now and then.

I will be sharing more beauty finds and reviews and I am surely adding a beauty category on the changes that will take place on here.

What are some of the affordable products you are currently using?Please share with us on the comment section below.

Have a lovely week and remember to drink enough water for it is great for the skin.




Make up finds.

Make up finds.

After watching a number of make up tutorials on youtube I came up with a list as usual  (I talked about always writing lists here ) of affordable products I needed for my every day simple make up routine.

I knew two different stores that I would get almost everything on my list .I first went to flormar and found a massive ongoing sale *happy dance*. So I made a quick decision that this was the only store for today.I took out my list and proceeded with the checking.

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset

I did not find some of the things I needed because of ‘what happens when there is a sale’ – better hurry.

Here is what I found,all under 150,000 tshs (68.6 US dollars) :

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  1. BB cream – sheer tinted
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2.BB cream powder

3.Illuminating Primer

4.Pretty compact powder

5.Terracota Powder

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6.Water proof lipliner

7.Duo brush for blush and powder

8. Foundation brush

Confession: I have never owned a make up brush before,I have always used the sponges that come with the foundation or powder *hides face*.

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9.Eye make up removers (100 pcs)

10.Eye brow liner

11.Long wearing lipgloss

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Honestly I am only learning how to do my make up now. It has always been the basic foundation, lipstick, and Mascara so it is exciting for me to explore and try out products.

I got all these products for less than 150,000 tshs (68.6 US Dollars), 127,500 tshs (58.3 US Dollars) to be exact because i pricked one of the lucky balloons and got my self a 15% discount from all purchases.

On the list above I have only used the BB cream sheer tinted before,back in 2014 so I will definitely comeback with a review for the rest of the products.

I also think its time I get a make up storage kit and see it fill up slowly 🙂 .

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Tip: If you will be visiting any store at GSM Mall Msasani ask about the lucky balloons to get your self discounts, gifts, and vouchers . The sale is still going on and they will also be having valentine day gifts at flormar.

Have you used any of the products above?Please let me know how they worked for you.Also I’ll be more than happy if you suggest a few affordable products I could also get 🙂 .Thank you and have a lovely week ahead.


Simple DIY facial mask.

Simple DIY facial mask.

Here is a cheap and simple facial mask that will take not more than 5 minutes of your time to prepare.

What you will need;

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  • An egg
  • Honey
  • mixing bowl
  • spoon

How to;

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  • Crack the egg and careful pour the egg white  into your mixing bowl (do not include the yolk).
  • Add in one table spoon or three tea spoons of honey.
  • Mix together with a spoon until both ingredients are combined.
  • Using a brush apply the mixture onto your face. I did not list the brush because i find my fingers to be more effective with the application,just make sure you wash your hands first.
  • Let it dry onto face until it begins to feel tightening.
  • Rinse away with water.

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So you will find it written all over the internet that egg white help tighten your pores and prevents black heads and break outs by preventing the accumulation of dirt, and honey soothes and moistures skin.But hey this is what I have to say.I had a break out last week  and it is until I used this face mask that I felt everything disappear in less than 30 minutes (at least I admit its a feeling hahaha) but I honestly felt my pores tightened and face well moisturized also after using the face mask.

Good thing is it is 100% natural, home made and least time consuming and can be used by both men and women.Please make sure you are not allergic to any of the two ingredients before you have it all over your face .

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N.B: Use this facial mask once a week because daily usage my result to drying out the skin.

I was very happy from the responses I got from you guys on the skin care routine post both on instagram and those who told me face to face what worked and did not work for them 🙂 . Please do share with us your thoughts, results and other home made skin care routines on the comment section below. Asante 🙂

My general skin care routine.

My general skin care routine.

Happy new year! I hope you all had a fun filled holiday .So recently my skin has had great improvement.I am so in love with it except for my many scars on the legs but I am learning to accept them as my flaws anyways too soon for procedures I guess (or maybe I just don’t have the money.lol) .What’s perfection anyways? I do not have the best skin but the improvement is real and I though I’d share.

So here is my daily skin care routine – the general one. I will again share the whole of it next time and also update this one once there are any changes.

1.Clean & clear blackhead clearing daily scrub.

This is a must have for me.It works great for my skin. Clean & clear products are the first I used for my skin when I first had a break out (if thats what I can call it) during adolescence. So this is a daily scrub that I use on a daily bases for my face and neck area.Can’t they just make a whole body version,its unfair for the other parts :(. I know it says blackhead clearing but it just clears everything on my face.






2. Nuya’s essence virgin coconut oil.

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Something about this oil that just makes me feel like a baby. Good thing is I use it both for my skin and my little Afro 🙂 . It is very natural and skin friendly. This oil has played the role in bettering my skin. Good thing is it is made locally and stocked at garden market Oysterbay so I can just hop in a Bajaj and go get me a bottle. This is another must have for me. Click on the link with the product name it will lead you to their instagram account or follow them @nuyaessence to see their range of products.

3. Palmer’s Cocoa butter formula.

So I mentioned that I have scars on my legs, this is what I am hoping will work for me.But to be honest I am already disappointed because I expected quick results although I have been using it only once in a while because I like my Nuya’s essence oil better. I don’t think I can include it on my must haves really but I have been using it.

4. Garnier Proactive daily pore reducing toner.

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This is the only toner I have been using but honestly I do not use it daily.So I can not talk of any results in relation to it but its on this list anyways because I use it once in a while. There are different garnier skin care products and toners you might have a look at. If you are in Dar es salaam look for it at the JD pharmacy by village walk opposite sea cliff village.

5. The body shop strawberry body polish

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when I use this product it leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean. I feel it cleanses my skin. I got it in a whole set as a present and the set had a scrubber,soap, body butter, and  this polish. For those in Dar es salaam and interested to try this product a range of body shop products are available at the same JD pharmacy I mentioned earlier.

But most importantly, I drink a lot of water.Water is great for the skin,actually for the whole body.

Also when I started working out I could see the major improvement on my skin.I haven’t been to the gym during the holiday time and my skin is nothing like it was before :(.

But also being happy,you just get the natural glow on your skin.Keep your self happy all the time with the thousands of reasons.

I am also considering trying out some products because I am still experimenting with my skin also I will be seeking expert advice soon 🙂 . I will surely do an update for this post once I do.

Please suggest products I can try or share with me your skin care routine on my Instagram @bintiesque .


Disclaimer: This is not medical or expertise advice and skin types vary therefore what works for someone might not work for another.