Inflight skincare essentials.

Inflight skincare essentials.

Flying between Dar es salaam and Seoul and spending not less than four hours on transit,there was no way I would neglect my skin.The air condition in the plane dries up the skin badly so it is important to do a good skincare routine on board a long flight.If you really love your skin make up is not something you should have on an entire 9 hour flight.I thought I should share with you guys my inflight skincare essentials since its almost summer and most people will be travelling across continents to beautiful beach destinations.

Once I am settled in the plane I wipe make up off using make up remover wipes, then use a cleanser to cleanse off the remaining and clean my  face with a face wash.

And then I put on  moisturiser and lip balm to protect my skin and lips from drying.You can opt for a a face mask but  I like to do that once I arrive at my destination because I like to keep my routine as simple as possible during a flight.I have oily skin so I do not use the same moisturiser for my face and body so I put on extra body oil on all my exposed parts also.

When my face feels dry anytime during the flight I use a face mist to keep it hydrated and moisturised.The mist also makes me feel fresh and awake when I wake up from my 3 hour sleep and getting closer to my destination I just spray it on.

I put on minimal make up when close to landing but not always because at times I tend to feel more refreshed simply with the face mist and lip balm on.

You know about that 100ml liquid quantity rule on flights?that is why I take away hotel toiletries.They come in small bottles that I can easily use those to put in the skin care products I will need the next time I am flying (consider this when flying low cost airlines too and do not want to check in a bag that will be charged some ridiculous amount of dollars).


Product details:

Make up removers by Farmasi (I got these for 3,500 tshs/1.6$) not the best but they get the job done.

Cleanser: Garner oil control complete

Body oil: bio oil

Face mist : The faceshop organ oil in water

moisturiser: Clean face mild lotion by the Faceshop

Lipbalm: Innaya Zanzibar

cotton pads: Hotel vanity kit

Packaging: face mist bottle and moisturiser container by The Faceshop

The two similar bottles that read body lotion by Charlotte Rys Cape town are the hotel toiletry package I am talking about.






See these pictures? just incase I will be talking about my Dubai dreams to you next time,you will understand.




When are you travelling next and where to?I would love to hear,please share with us on the comment section below.



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Our skin sheds every now and then and new skin generates.As much as it has natural shedding abilities (this decreases as you age) incorporating exfoliating methods in your skin care routine is important to help getting rid of dullness  caused by dead skin cells.

Physical exfoliation is the easiest with numerous brands of body scrubs in the market. But forget about those ones on the shelves,you can actually make one at home from products you use every day in the kitchen.

Here is a home made body scrub and how its done.

You will need:

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Sugar                                                   Mixing bowl

Coconut oil                                         Spoon

Honey                                                  Storage container

and lemon.                                          Grater (not necessarily)

How to:

1.Pour the sugar into your mixing bowl

2.Add in the coconut oil (I used liquid coconut oil for the body,you can also use solid virgin coconut cooking oil)

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3.Stir and mix and then add the lemon juice (squeezed from a fresh lemon – take out the seeds)

4. Keep mixing and then add honey

5. Mix it all together and make sure it is has enough moisture but not too drippy

6. If its too drippy add again sugar until you get the preferred feel.


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7.Voila! Your scrub is ready to use. 🙂

Just incase you are asking your self what I used the grater for,I grated the outer part of the lemon into the scrub to even out the strong smell from the coconut oil.

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Benefits on the skin:

While every component has its own benefits on the skin,this scrub will help in exfoliating getting rid of the dullness caused by presence of dead skin.Also exfoliating helps hydrants penetrate easier into your skin.With vitamin C in the lemon it helps brighten dark spots on the skin and evens out skin tone while coconut oil moisturizes and honey is for hydrating .

Remember to rub gently on skin without causing over exfoliation.

Compared to the other two scrubs in the first picture,the Moringa body scrub from the body shop and the Spa secrets detox scrub this home made simple body scrub is the bomb!

Please share with us some of your DIY skincare secrets from the kitchen on the comment section below that we can also give a try.

Have a great week ahead. 🙂


The sunny days are here.

The sunny days are here.

What a tittle,It is always sunny in Dar es salaam what am I saying? and then hearing every one complaining “joto jamani” . Its time you takes really good care of your skin, so I thought I’d share my skin care essentials for days like these.Also this applies to all skin types so don’t feel left out just incorporate some of these in your skin care routine and you are good to go.

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Sun screen

The sun has so much effect on our skin  Trust me sunscreen is a must.You might not see the effect the sun has on your skin but it can increase the risk of cancer,and damage the skin badly.Nivea sun moisturizing lotion is one of the many sunscreens in the market you can pick for a start but if you know of a better brand please share with us on the comment section below.Remember to re apply your sunscreen after every two to three hours and also incorporate it in your every day skin care routine.


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Prevent break outs

During hot weather the skin is usually more prone to break outs.There is a type of acne that is very common in hot weather and products that contain salicylic acid and  benzoyl peroxide prevent and treat acne.I use the Garnier pure active 3 in 1 Wash, scrub and mask because it contains salicylic acid and I use it whenever possible to help prevent and treat the acne.

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Your Skin needs to be as clean as possible to keep away dirt and prevent clogged pores all the time.I double cleanse using the Johnson’s face care wipes that contain oils so they help break down and removes oil based impurities like make up and sunscreen . After that I use Argan del Marocco silkifying facial cleanser  that is a water based foaming cleanser to remove  any dirt that is still hanging around.I am looking forward to share my knowledge and the importance of double cleansing also.

After this process I use rose water in a spray bottle as facial mist (Please let not the label on the bottle confuse you,it previously had hair works as a toner also and contains a balanced pH that is required for the skin.So why not?


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just drink a lot of water,trust me you need to be more hydrated than anything.Coconut water is also a good hydrant.I shared the benefits of coconut water on here be sure to check it out. Yes it is really important to keep your skin hydrated through out because the heat can lead to drying out for some skin types. Try and also use oil free moisturizer to give your skin the moisture it needs.Again remember to drink a lot of water.

Protect your eyes

The skin around your eyes is the thinnest and most delicate and you need to protect it the most. The sun damages the skin under and around our eyes so much. Sunglasses are really important every time you are out in the sun.Get lenses with 100 percent UVA and UVB absorption and bigger frames because it simply means more protection.

If the heat is too much take a cold shower.On a serious note drink enough water and take a cold shower whenever you can. 🙂

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Detoxing and learning.

Detoxing and learning.

Hey hey 🙂

Here is an update on my journey towards a healthier and better looking skin,I have been reading more skin care and beauty related books and these are some of the things I have learned already.

First skin care is deeper than I have been looking at it.It is about the food you eat,environmental conditions,genes – although this accounts for not more than 20% of aging.I have been learning about which products are harmful and which ones are good for the skin and also the importances of incorporating different products in the skin care routine.I will be sharing all that on here.

I have also been drinking kiwi and strawberry infused detox water, and coconut water at least twice a week for a long time now and here are the benefits they have on the skin :


Strawberries tones and help prevent sagging skin because they have anti aging properties.

Kiwis on the other hand,contain vitamins which help in fighting free radicals as well and certain types of cancers.

Coconut water I have read that washing your face daily with coconut water can help prevent blackheads, acne, blemishes and pimples but if you think drinking it is better like I do then coconut water is also very good for hydrating which eventually gives a glow to the skin.

Generally these help in flushing out toxins from your body.That will give you better and healthier skin and body in general.

Just a reminder, be good to your skin and remember to drink enough water every day 🙂 .

Also on the beauty part,I am not the basic foundation and lipstick girl I used to be Lol.I have been learning and trying out make up products but the thing I am struggling most with are my eye brows one time they are on fleek next time they are not.Also here are some of my make up basics I used yesterday when trying to create different looks.Have a lovely day 🙂

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