I’m not a pro in this makeup game but I wear the basics on a daily so when FÄRG collection wanted to send me some of their products I went ahead and picked those I can incorporate in my everyday look.

I also got a discount code that you guys can use to purchase .FÄRG collection products but I thought I should do a review so you know before hand what you are about to purchase. Whenever I bring a product  review on here it means I have tried it out and I’m keen to let you guys know about it.


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1. Cover foundations

I have an acne prone skin which means my skin is left with some acne scars almost all the time so coverage is essential when picking a foundation. I don’t remember using a better foundation in terms of coverage & finishing. It’s the cover foundation from .FÄRG in the shade Nabou. Matches my skin tone and the coverage is just right for my blemished skin. I was a little concerned about the size of the container it comes in ( 8g ) but with the right application tool a little goes a long way (I advice using the .FÄRG buffing brush number 24 as recommended).

.FÄRG Collection

2. Setting powder

Since my makeup game is usually the basics I use the powder for touch ups because baking is too much for a daily look. I use it in the shade Melina and it really helps holding back the oil and shine. It also makes the look last longer and still intact.

.FÄRG Collection

3. Strobing palette

This is what I was looking forward to receiving the most and I am really happy with the quality. It is highly pigmented and I use it as an eye shadow and also for highlighting. I mix the golden and blush like shades to achieve a more natural look when highlighting but can still light up a room.

It is hyperflexible and can also be used as a blusher, contouring, and on the brows. I got it in the shade Dark. If the contouring process is also too much for you or you just prefer strobing then this palette is very handy.

.FÄRG Collection

4. Buffing and Powder brush.

Just the right combination, using the buffing brush in number 24 to apply the cover foundation which is recommended. It blends the foundation really well giving a natural look with the least makeup on.

I haven’t used the powder brush in number 100 much. I use my other everyday powder brush for the touch ups so I can’t really say much about this one.

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Wearing the cover foundation in the shade NABOU from their melanin queens selection and a little bit of the strobing palette (dark)

Before trying new makeup products that are not specified my first concern is usually if they will work for me under this humid weather on my very oily skin. I’m happy that these do. a little bit of the foundation on top of a mattifying primer and touch ups with the setting powder and I’m good. Overall the products are of a good quality and I’m keen to getting more products from them.

Thats it for today guys. I am also looking for videos on youtube I can watch to better my makeup game. If you know any chanel or videos I’d appreciate if you leave your recommendations on the comment section below.

PS: Don’t forget to use the Discount code LOVEFARG for a whole 25% off your order on .

Thank you for taking your time and have a lovely day.xx


Skincare: Taming the oily skin

Skincare: Taming the oily skin

I’m constantly struggling with my face’s oily skin. Without using a few products, my face gets super oily  few minutes after leaving the house. I have now made the decision to seek a long term solution not just the everyday matte setting sprays. Ofcourse I am still going to use those if I have to but I have been on the search for something that will deal with the real problem. Calling it a problem because when you have oily skin it means your pores easily clog and it is acne prone .

The body shop tea tree products


Having used Tea tree oil from the body shop tea tree line before and after getting recommendations under one of my instagram posts I decided to get more products from the line and give them a try. It has not been long since I started using these but I can already see and feel the difference. My pores are not as open and the overall texture of my skin has changed.

These three are the products from the body shop tea tree line I am currently using:

Mattifying lotion

The body shop tea tree products

I use it during the day because of its mattifying abilities and it leaves the skin less oily  for at least 8 hours. I apply it in place of a moisturizer so it also helps with holding the oil from giving me a shinny face.

Skin clearing clay mask

The body shop tea tree products

This is a clay mask combined with tea tree oil. It instructs that it should be used once or twice a week. On application it leaves the skin fresher and the texture softer . Also the pores appeared to be tighter. It has cooling and mattifying properties and this is quite visible when I use it.

Tea tree Oil

The body shop tea tree products

I made a face mist from this oil, it is something I have been using for a while and the tea tree properties treat signs of acne. I made and use the mist to hydrate the skin instead of applying the oil directly on the affected areas as most do.

I wanted to get the toner too but it wasn’t available when I went to purchase these.

Looking forward to incorporating more tea tree oil products onto my skincare routine and share with you the full routine because I am always on the search for better products.

For those in Dar, these products are all available at @zuriihouseofbeauty, Dar free market at the price range of  40,000 to 45,000 tzs .

The body shop tea tree products

How to: Fade dark spots & marks


How to fade dark spots

I briefly talked about this product on my July current favourites list and promise to do a whole post on it,here we go.

So I had a lot of dark marks on my skin after the crazy break out few months ago and normally I have oily to spot prone skin.Being the product junkie I am,I also had this garnier toner but hadn’t been using it.One day I decided to use it and measure results and now I swear by it.

The garnier Pure active range products work really good on the skin.I have used the pure active 3 in 1 (wash,scrub and mask) before now I use the Pure active micellar cleansing water & this Pure active Intensive spot purifying toner.

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Turmeric (Manjano) face mask| DIY

Turmeric (Manjano) face mask| DIY

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

I was confidently going to share an update of my skin care routine with you guys until a break out happened,smh! I think it is mostly because of my recent bad eating habits.I have oily facial skin and at times it gets hard to have it under control.So whenever something like this happens I usually run to my natural home made skin care remedies.Once my skin goes back to the way it was earlier this year or even better I will share with you guys how I achieved it with my skin care routine.I have been using turmeric on and off for a while since I knew about its magic on the skin back in 2012.I used to make a turmeric paste with rose water only and its been good.This time around I decided to try a different mask with more skin friendly ingredients and the results have been good too.

Ingredients: Milk,honey, turmeric, and Tea tree oil.

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