Book of the month: The bomb life by Claire Sulmers.

Book of the month: The bomb life by Claire Sulmers.

Book genre:

Memoir and self-help.

Recommend to:

Bloggers, and digital influencers – there is a whole chapter titled The business of blogging.

Aspiring stylists, designers, brands and everyone else in the business of fashion.

Start ups.

All 20 and 30 somethings building brands and businesses.

Why you should read it:

A good reminder of the struggles every one goes through when starting off – you are not alone.

Very relatable due to the level of honesty Claire has poured into the book.

A great source of inspiration.

A lot of business and life lessons.

What Claire says:

“Big on visualization, I had written down “I will work full time at Vogue Paris” on a post-it note on my bathroom mirror. But I had learned that sometimes you make plans and GOD laughs. Or that GOD has bigger plans for you.”

“Success doesn’t happen overnight, and you shouldn’t expect your success to happen overnight. You get the glamour after the grunt work. You have to put work in. Sometimes you make mistakes and missteps, but don’t be discouraged. keep pushing.”

“Rejection is a part of life, and many times you’ll hear no more than you’ll hear yes. But as long as you get a few yeses you’re golden.”

“Fear can paralyze you from moving. Fear paralyzed me for years as I contemplated the complexities intrinsic to up and moving to a foreign country with no savings and a $ 30,000 in debt. When I finally decided to say “fuck it” there were so many naysayers, including my parents who feared that I’d be shiftless and poverty stricken. My parents were somewhat right about the poverty part, but I learned how to live with less, stretch 60 Euros for a week, leave the party before the metro closed instead of taking a cab, politely decline dinner and make spaghetti with meat sauce at home. Being at negative was not ideal, but it wasn’t the end of the world.”

“Whatever you want in life is possible, you just have to take the steps to get it.”

“I looked up and suddenly, I was doing really well. So well that I didn’t need a job. I no longer needed validation from Vogue or  anyone else. I could work for myself. So out of necessity, I officially owned my tittle of entrepreneur and business woman. I never looked back.”

“I’m not sure if my readers knew that I was sneaking into these parties. And of course I didn’t tell them. But I knew I needed the access, caché, and exclusive content to drive readership. So I did what I had to do.”

“You have to be with a man who is not intimidated or envious of your success. You must be equally yoked. Make sure he is worthy of you and brings something to the table. Make sure he is positive and supportive and pushes you to be the best version of yourself you can be.”

“the coward in me wanted to go back to my study and snuggle into my familiar twin bed. But the fighter in me was so pissed and wouldn’t take no for as answer. I decided to pick myself up and try my hand at Gaultier.”

“That was the last Chanel show I was ever invited to. Even though I now Chanel bags, how Ironic that the only show I was invited to was when I was sleeping on a tub”

“Love will come at the perfect time – when you are ready. Don’t worry about it. The perfect man exists for you. yes you should date and have fun, but don’t become too attached to the idea of being in a romantic relationship.”

You can get this book on amazon HERE.


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