Travel Diaries : My food experience in China

Travel Diaries : My food experience in China

I travelled to China end of August towards the beginning of September this year. One of the many things that were on my mind as I thought of my upcoming trip was food. I wasn’t sure if I should be excited or worried, haha. I had been eating Chinese a lot just before my trip and I wasn’t sure if what I had been eating in Dar is what I’d find in China. Having travelled to three of some of the major cities in China,I had different food experience in all of them.

In Beijing where I first visited, I stayed in a hotel that had continental buffets from breakfast to dinner and I ate at the hotel through out my stay. I knew I still had time to experiment with the Chinese cuisine because I was yet to visit a city very notable for its cuisine.

At breakfast I mostly had eggs, chicken or beef sausages,pancakes, fried rice, potato cakes and fruits.

food 2

During lunch and dinner I went for rice, a lot of meat and fruits.I eat a lot of meat, I always fill up my plate with meat and a little of the rest when its a buffet. I avoided trying out anything new.

food 5

And a lot of desserts 🙂

food 6

I enjoyed the meals in Beijing, I must admit. The next city I visited was Yiwu a very beautiful city. I had heard of frog legs meal before, but its until I went for my first lunch in Yiwu when I first came across them. This time around the so called continental buffets were not so continental. I did not have very many options. For breakfast I mostly has eggs, sausages and fruits. I had rice and chicken or beef mostly for lunch and dinner for the rest of my three days stay.

Then lastly I visited Chongqing a city notable for its distinctive spicy food. Our hosts were very excited to let us try the food there. Thats when I started missing home more than ever during the 12 days trip. I do not eat hot spicy food and everything I tried was it.

hot pot!

this picture was taken by one of our can tell she enjoyed her meal.

I had to wait for someone to try something before I served my self. This is where I thought I’d try and experiment with the food but almost everything was too spicy so I couldn’t. I ended up having fruits and desserts during dinner and lunch. If I had any meat I had to pick out the chilli before I could eat it and have something to cool it off on the side.

food 11

I couldn’t wait to get back home and have a plate of chips mayai. And the fruits that taste like I am used to. And that was the last city I visited during my stay in China. I Hope I will be able to visit China again  and explore more but at the mean time eat more Chinese here in Dar.


The Esque

The Esque

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