10 things to do in your twenties.

10 things to do in your twenties.
Things to do in your twenties

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Twenties are great times in our lives, its not too early or too late to start anything.Understanding that majority of the decisions we 20 something year olds make now will affect the rest of our lives, it is important to get certain things done so as to shape our future.Here are some of the things I am  currently doing and planning to do to maintain a balance in life and I thought I would share this with you guys. This is not just for the twenty something year olds maybe the tittle should have said millennials instead.

Work on your brand as a person

Surprisingly some people still think branding is only for businesses and large companies,of course not.There are a number of young people who have managed to make a presence and build their names in their respective industries of work.It all requires some work and if you haven’t started yet,start now. Let things like your social media accounts reflect who you want to be perceived as.Read more on personal branding here by sheisvaliant.com .

Watch your health

Many have moved out by this age or maybe staying at the university campus away from home and you find your self in a situation where you have to decided from what,how and when to eat, work out, and take some time out.It is really important to make healthy choices around everything we do. Do regular check ups on your health,exercise if you can and surround your self with positivity.

Find your personal style

Your appearance really matters,It is undeniable people will have an opinion of who you are based your appearance even before you make your first statement.But its not just about how other people look at you.As the name suggests personal style reflects your persona,boosts your confidence, and is a big part of your everyday life.Let your personal style reflect who you are and what you represent.It should be something you are truly comfortable in.

Build your career

Chances are by now you already know what career path you want to take,and don’t worry if thats not the case.If you do its time you make the move,take small incremental steps towards it for you to get to where you would love to be.If you still do not know what career path you want to take because you keep changing your mind, list down all that you want to do and look for their similarities and then act around that.That way clarity will come and lead you to what you truly love.


If you are thinking “but I do not have the money”, there are a number of organised tours and trips that enable you to pay in instalments for a number of months before the actual trip.I am yet to try those my self but it seems like it needs a lot of dedication and discipline.There are also a number of travel sponsorship programs in various fields,you can give those a try too.If those don’t work out or the finances aren’t corporating still, take a road trip and visit the neighbouring region and see how much you will discover,learn and make memories that will last forever. Tunduru is home but my last trip there taught me so much and reminded me of so many things I hold dear.

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Manage your finances

Its time to save, and watch your expenses. Find a manageable side hustle to increase your income if you already have one (and what are you waiting for if you don’t ?). Start reading books and ditch those funny youtube videos for financial education channels once in while to increase your knowledge on the subject.

Take lessons,you still have time

Looking at the trend,a few years from now you will have climbed your career ladder and started a family which comes with more responsibilities and less time to do other things. Take lessons now while you still have the time,whether its swimming lessons, cooking lessons, branding courses, or even dance classes. Also most importantly read,life changing knowledge and wisdom is found in books.

Take relationships seriously

make time for your loved ones.Visit and spend time with them during the weekend and on their special occasions.The older we are the more responsibilities and less time.Make sure you find time for them and nurture genuine relationships including friendships.

Have some sort of responsibilities

Pay your bills and put yourself on other things that will keep you responsible and accountable .It teaches you a number of lessons you will need to manoeuvre through life.

Have fun

The best way to go about this is to notice the small things that make us happy every now and then and do them more often.Spend time doing the things you love that brings out the happy child you are.Sometimes my friends would question why I would be  spending my Friday night in bed reading a book instead of being out partying,but thats what I find pleasure in.I party once in a while but its not all.Do things you truly find pleasure in instead of being somewhere else just for the sake of it or to please other people.Engage in things that truly makes you happy and gives you the best time out.

And as cliche as it sounds “age is nothing but a number” its never too late or too early to start.Come up with a list of things you think are important you do at your age and get them done.Do not fear making mistakes,we are all not perfect just tackling life and taking lessons in every failure.Remember to stay organised, have fun and do not take life too seriously.

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    Hello Shamsa, this is a well written post with great advice. I have been trying to live most of the points mentioned and even though I think I am getting there, it is still a bit challenging but I am not giving up at all. Great post

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